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Dried American Elderberries

Dried American Elderberries

Premium Dried American Elderberries

Sambucus canadensis

Sold As:

Case of 12 - Available in 10oz or 4oz bags

OR 2lb bulk bags

*** Please note, these are not barcoded yet.


Use American elderberries in your products or have them available on your shelves.  Most of what's being made here in the USA uses European elderberries, or Sambucus nigra.  All of our products are made with our native, US berry; Sambucus canadensis.  

Our US berries contain at least 2 more known antioxidants than others found across the world.  It is also not required that Sambucus canadensis berries be boiled before consuming.  


We are the only producers in the USA who have a large supply of American dried elderberries and we are working with a small processing plant to get them dried right here in Missouri.  

Bags are freestanding and have the nutritional information printed on the back label.  Please be reminded that these items do not have barcodes yet.  2lb bulk bags are now available as well!


If you have questions or are looking for a certain amount in bulk, please don't hesitate to email us.

    PriceFrom $62.00

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