Elderberry Cuttings - Ranch

Elderberry Cuttings - Ranch

Please order cuttings separately from all other product Pre- Order your cuttings for 2021! We will ship orders starting in mid-winter, in the order they were received.

Ranch - This hardy short plant seems to be most tolerant of harsh conditions. The stockiness provides a lower fruiting canopy for those short pickers. Single stemmed. Tends to grow upright and is not bushy. Grows well on less fertile soils.


    Ways to buy:

    3 Pack - cuttings are priced at $3.33 per stem - best for small garden planting or first elderberry growing experiments.

    Lots of 100 - cuttings are priced at $2.50 per stem - best for small farms.

    Lots of 1000 - cutings are priced $1.99 per stem - best for large scale elderberry production. 

    Planting instructions are included with cutting shipments.




    We reserve the right to substitute like types if this cutting selection goes out of stock.

    Need to further customize your order? Head over to the Contact page and send us a message.

  • FAQ

    Q: Why can't I buy one cutting?

    • A: Selling cuttings in multiple of three reduces our overhead and helps us keep our shipping costs reasonable. 

    Q: Why can't I buy cutting right now?

    • We only sell cuttings ahead of growing season so we can give you the best quality dormant stems. This means pre-orders are typically avalibile in the fall and go through the winter, and cuttings start shipping in late January and February. 
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