Elderberry Monthly Subscription

Elderberry Monthly Subscription

Introducing a monthly subscription box of River Hills Harvest Pure Elderberry Juice products! Join now and receive 'a month's worth' of elderberry products including your staple of Pure Elderberry Juice, Elderberry Health Cordial and a mix of other tasty American Elderberry items!




You can always expect a sampling of other products, crafts and/or loot that will make each month's shipment a real treat!  
- Forget worrying about if you run out of elderberry!  Get our  box shipped to you each month with our subscription box.  You will also receive FREE shipping!
- Not sure you're ready to commit?  Each month's box will be available for purchase on our website (but you won't get the FREE shipping)!

We are offering 3 month subscriptions to start with.  This month's box  (available all of January) will include these River Hills Harvest staple items:
1 Bottle of Pure Elderberry Juice
1 Bottle of Elderberry Health Cordial
1 Bottle of Elderflower Cordial
This month you will receive our freeze dried elderflowers with a recipe along with a few other fun and handy gifts.
 This subscription allows you to receive these products with FREE shipping, each month!  


We are starting this out as a 3 month subscription.  When you sign-up and your payment has gone through we will ship out your order within a few days.  Your automatic payment will go through for 2 months following your initial sign-up on the same day each month.  Right now, we are not offering any additions or substitutions.  

Around the beginning of the month the box contents will change.  When you sign up that month's box is going to be your first box.

  • When will my monthly box ship?

    Once you've completed your infomation section in checkout Wix will charge your chosen credit/debit card.  Once that payment has gone through we will receive your order and ship it out within a few days.  Each month around the same date is when your order will be shipped.  

  • How long is my subscription?

    Three months is the duration of this subscription and you'll receive a box from us one time each of those three months.  

  • What if I need to make changes?

    You can log in and make changes to your payment method, shipping address and more through your account.  

  • I just want to try a box.

    Each month we will have the current box available to purchase without the subscription.  Simply go to our shop page on our website and it will be in the product listings.  However, we do not offer free shipping unless you've signed up for the subscription.

  • Can I substitute products?

    Unfortunately right now we cannot offer changes or substitutions on our monthly boxes.  

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