Stainless Steel Hand Destemming Tray

Stainless Steel Hand Destemming Tray

Easily destem your elderberries by hand!


Food Grade Stainless Steel for a lifetime of Service


River Hills Harvest designed specifically for destemming elderberries, each Elderberry Destemming Tray is made of food-grade stainless steel for a lifetime of service—no breaking, no replacing (unless you run over it with a tractor!)


The Stainless Steel Hand Destemming Tray allows you to hand destem up to 100 lbs. of elderberries per hour using the same perforation pattern as the TED. Gently rub harvested umbrels over the tray bottom, allowing the berries to fall into the Sanitizing Basket. Then simply dispose of the stems left in the tray and sanitize the berries left in the Basket according to directions.


best is used with the Stainless Steel Sanitizing Basket. Click here to buy them together and save!



Stainless Steel Hand Destemming Tray

16” x 15” x 3” deep


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