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The American Berry

Why we choose to grow a native and why American elderberries are different than others found across the globe.

Elderberry Cluster

Our farmers are growing American selections of elderberries and each of our products are made using these same berries.

American black elderberry selections are known as Sambucus canadensis and they are much different than other elderberries grown around the world.

  • We call them selections instead of varieties because they have been 'selected' from the wild, tested and grown commercially with success.

  • This means the selections we are growing here in the US are native to the US.

  • The canadensis elderberry does not contain the same precursors of cyanide as other elderberries, meaning they can be processed using little to no heat. 

  • Lower heat in processing ensures the berry maintains most of the beneficial qualities which are normally lost using high heat.

See why we are so crazy about them?

Church Elderberry Harvest
Elder Flower Esther
Elderberry Esther F

Supporting American Farmers

When you purchase River Hills Harvest products you are buying directly from American farmers.

Supporting American Makers & Businesses

We work directly with American makers to deliver the highest quality, USA made products.  We also sell directly to locally owned stores, pharmacies and shops across the country.

Interested in buying wholesale?  Scroll to the bottom of the page and complete our Wholesale Application!

Elderberry Stained Hands
Elder Flower Cordial 4
Elderberry Shelf

For more information and resources on planting, growing or harvesting American elderberries, visit our Resources page.

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