At River Hills Harvest, we are committed to educating farmers...

Missouri is currently the top producing state of American elderberry, Sambucus canadensis.   We want to expand the market for American elderberries and continue to grow more successful farms and healthier communities.

  • We host workshops and give presentations throughout the country ranging in subjects from elderberry growing, processing for food and product development.

  • We have just launched online classes that offer numerous resources for new and experienced growers.  Visit www.GrowElderberries.com

  • We have a number of articles and links below that contain information for commercial and home growers.

  • We regularly attend, speak and give demonstrations at conferences across the country, such as Mother Earth News Fairs, Ozarks Homesteading Expos, MOSES (now Marbleseed) and more.

We aren't just there for commercial growers; we are also there to guide you on how to grow this medicine for your own family in your backyard.  


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Grow Elderberries Website

Learn to grow American Elderberries from Terry Durham - a successful Elderberry entrepreneur!

Terry Durham has been growing, teaching and sharing the joy of elderberries for over two decades. Terry is owner of River Hills Harvest, an elderberry brand which takes elderberries and turns them into a line of products. Through the River Hills Harvest brand Terry aggregates elderberries from growers across the Midwest. River Hills Harvest products are made from 100% Pure Premium Elderberry Juice. Terry supports local farmers and processors to grow the American elderberry industry. Terry is an educator and often speaks at Mother Earth News Fairs and many other conferences in the U.S.

Grow A Profitable Farm

Grow a profitable business growing American Elderberries. Build a business and livelihood around American Elderberry production. Begin yielding considerably within the first few years.

With Regenerative Practices

Increase the biodiversity of your farm, create wildlife habitat, increase beneficial pollinators, slow run-off, build soil and create the health and wealth you have been looking for.

Creating Healthy Communities

Elderberry is a highly medicinal and beneficial plant. When grown locally this plant can bring health to people and the planet.

Resources for Elderberry Growers

Planting American

Planting Instructions

For thorough instructions on the planting, care, and keeping of elderberry plants check out our Planting Instructions document

The University of Missouri Center for Agroforestry

 has authored a guide to growing and marketing elderberries in Missouri 

The University of Missouri Center for Agroforestry

 has developed a tool to assist with elderberry establishment and management decisions 

An elderberry wine making class

from the University of Missouri

From The University of Missouri Extension - CAFNER

"Elderberry: A Rapidly Growing Specialty

 Crop in the U.S. Midwest"

From North Central Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education

Read about the 5.3 million dollar elderberry research grant:  Click here

Visit the Advancing American Elderberry website:  Click Here

Follow their progress on Facebook:  Click Here

Elderberry Research & Production

by Patrick Byers & Andrew Thomas

Growing & Marketing Elderberries in Missouri

by Patrick Byers, Andrew Thomas, Mihaela Cernusca, Larry Godsey & Michael Gold

Preserve It Fresh, Preserve It Safe

Adapted from the University of MO Extension & University of KY Cooperative Extension Services

Elderflower Production and Cyanide Concern

by Andrew Thomas

Elderberry Showcase

by Linda Geist

Elderberry Rust Defoliating Plants

University of Missouri Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources Department

Plant Bugs Damaging Elderberries

University of Missouri Integrated Pest Management

From The Midwest Elderberry Cooperative Page:

The Little Berry That Could

by Christopher J Patton

Why Elderberries, Why Now

by Katie Reneker

How to Sell a Growing Elderberry Harvest

by Christopher J Patton

Learn about the American elderberry selections we grow and how we sell them: