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River Hills Harvest
ElderBerry Products & Gifts

Your River Hills Harvest Pure Premium ElderBerry product starts out as ripe American elderberries.

Our elderberries are grown to exacting standards using good agriculture practices, then are destemmed and sanitized according to strict regulations. They are gently heated and bottled to preserve all the nutrients available in raw elderberries. RHH products have a 3-year unopened shelf life and can keep for a long while refrigerated after opening. Quality is assured and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Elderberry Products
USDA Certified Organic American Elderberry Gummies are BACK!

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Growing Supplies & Plants

Please visit our Shop for Plants & Supplies page to purchase elderberry growing supplies and place pre-orders for cuttings and bare roots plants and more.  

American Elderberry Propagation Leafing out
Bare root American Elderberry

Now Available

Pallets of Frozen American Elderberries

We are thrilled to offer pallets of frozen and cleaned, American elderberries!  Pallets are around 1600lbs at $6/lb, but we can discuss lesser amounts of berries also.  Must be able to pick-up from our Springfield, Missouri warehouse.  

Email for Information:

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