Terry's Elderberry Destemmer 


Terry’s Elderberry Destemmer, also known as T.E.D., is a revolutionary design formatted for the small farmer. It is low cost and portable. The berries are gently destemmed and cleaned. It is capable of several hundred pounds per hour and reduces your post-harvest labor.  It is constructed of food-grade stainless steel which makes cleanup and maintenance a breeze. It allows the farmer to double the value of his crop and puts you in control. It is the first step in having a stable elderberry commodity.

Everyone that is in the elderberry farming community should have one.

Combined with a freezer and FDA approved buckets it gives you everything you need to hold your elderberries for the market.

To purchase a T.E.D.

call  (573) 999-3034 or email info@riverhillsharvest.com and put
"TED Order" in the subject line