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Elderberry Juice Background

Locally Sourced.
Sustainably Grown.

All River Hills Harvest elderberry juice products are made with100%

not-from-concentrate American elderberry juice, so you get the most out of our elderberries.

Made with USA grown American elderberries, Sambucus canadensis.  Purchased directly from farmers.  We are farmers. We are makers.  We are lovers of life and health.

Elderberry Juice River Hills Harvest Pure American
  • Non GMO

  • No Alcohol

  • No Gluten

  • No Added Water

  • No Added Sugar

  • USA Made

  • American ElderBerry Products

  • Sambucus canadensis

  • Not From Concentrate

From the field to your kitchen pantry...


American Elderberry Juice Elderberries Syrup
American Elderberry Juice Syrup Lemonade Jelly Honey Cordial

Here at River Hills Harvest, we support local farmers and processors, and we know you do, too. RHH products are made in “small batches” to ensure the highest quality can be preserved in every batch, with the largest possible portion of profit making its way back to the farmer.

RHH products guarantee that they are:

100% Premium ElderBerry Juice Based

Grown in the Central United States/North American Corridor

By Local and Regional Growers


Why American Elderberries?

We have determined there are vast differences between our American elderberry, Sambucus canadensis and its European counterpart, Sambucus nigra.  

Differences in growing habits and aroma are a few, but the main difference being the American does not contain the precursors of cyanide.  This allows us to keep the most integrity of the berry intact because we can consume them without having to boil them in the processing.

There are many studies being done on the differences, the University of Missouri Extension has quite a few articles available.  All of our products are made with Sambucus canadensis elderberries.

If you are interested in growing American elderberries, please visit our Growers & Resources page.

Nature's Medicine Chest

Elderberries have been recommended for their health benefits throughout history.

Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, called elderberries “Nature’s Medicine Chest for the common people,” and from that point forward, it is noted in herbals and pharmacopia.

Elderberry Syrup Recipe River Hills Harvest

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