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River Hills Harvest Elderberry Fun Kit Chutney Cordial Shrub

Elderberry Fun Kit

Make your own simple elderberry concoctions with the ElderBerry Fun Kit - featuring River Hills Harvest freeze-dried Sambucus Canadensis elderberries. Sambucus Canadensis do not need to be boiled like European elderberries (Sambucas Nigra) - better preserving the antioxidants that make elderberries great!


Kit Includes: 2 packages of freeze-dried Sambucus Canadensis elderberries (1 cup per package) 1 spice package (cinnamon and cloves in a reusable muslin bag) Complete instructions for three exciting elderberry recipes* - Elberberry Health Cordial, Elderberry Shrub, and Elderberry Chutney - kit includes enough berries to make all three recipes!


*Ingredients not included in the kit that are needed to complete recipes - honey, vinegar, and produce for chutney


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