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Elderflower Salve

Elderflower Salve with Ancient Tree Resin

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** Now Available in 2.5 or 1oz sizes


Elderflower Salve is a first-aid salve that is designed for use on minor cuts, scrapes and bruises.  It is also wonderful for dry and cracking skin and/or for use in your overall skin care routine.  


What sets our salve apart from the rest?  

  • Designed and made by a renowned herbalist (Crystal Stevens, Flourish) to deliver you the highest quality salve around.
  • Includes Ancient Tree Resin (look it up, it's AMAZING stuff!).
    • Known to help with joint inflammation, soothe muscle aches, draw out splinters and poison from insect bites and acts as an antimicrobial on wounds.
  • Packed full of our American Elderflowers.
  • Small batch, made by hand.
  • All of our herbs have been sustainably grown.
  • Contains an array of oils to sooth and help heal skin.
  • Currently available in 2.5 ounce and 1 ounce jars.


Our mission at River Hills Harvest is to not just deliver you a product, we strive to make that product the best available on the shelves.  That is why we have teamed up with Flourish to help design the most powerful and sustainable salve out there.  Let your skin reap the benefits of elderflower and ancient tree resin!



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