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Case of 6 or 12 American Elderberry Gummies

Case of 6 or 12 American Elderberry Gummies

American Elderberry Gummies are BACK and they're better than ever!  Read below to see why our gummies are the #1 trusted elderberry gummies in the USA.  No shameful ingredients or over processing.  Just healthy, quality ingredients grown by US farmers and made by US businesses.


American Elderberry Gummies

Case of 12 or 6 Bottles

40 Gummies Per Bottle

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River Hills Harvest gummies are packed with American elderberries, they're vegan, and made right here in the USA.  Our American elderberries are grown on American farms and each purchase directly supports American businesses and farmers.  

  • Vegan
  • Certified Organic
  • Take 2 per day
  • 40 gummies per package
  • Grown and made here in the USA


These gummies start out as organically grown Sambucus canadensis elderberries, or American elderberries.  They're grown here in the Midwest, processed and frozen.  Next, they are sent to southern Missouri to be bottled into our Premium Elderberry Juice.  After that, the juice goes to Tennessee to our gummy master at Gibson Organics.  The juice is then handcrafted into the tasty, high-quality gummies we have here.  


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